Never Too Old to Learn

This is a guest post by Bob Combs a 1st-year ISSM student (2017-18)

I have had many friends go through the Indianapolis School of Supernatural Ministry (ISSM). All have had the most glowing comments about how meaningful it was for them. But, should I go through the class? For portions of the year, I work full time and can be involved in travel for work. Do I want to commit to about 9 months of every Tuesday and Thursday for 3 hours? That is a major time commitment. Do I have the “extra time”? I am already involved in many things such as family and church. So, I had to weigh the pros and cons.

I have been in some form of “ministry” for decades (as one 20 year old said once) and been in the Charismatic aspects of the church since 1980. The books that we read in class are the same ones that I have read in the past. I have been familiar with Bethel Redding for years. I am no stranger to such ministry.

So, I was really wondering what additional things could I learn? Would it really be worthwhile?

The cost? God makes a way. What was He saying for me to do?

The main teacher is Dave Noel whom I have known since the late 1980’s. He is a wonderful person and absolutely an amazingly gifted man in music, prophetic, ministry, and dream interpretation. Having traveled with him to Russia in 1993, I knew that he is the real deal! I knew that I could learn so much more from his practical experiences and insights. Knowing about someone for years can be different than spending a lot more time each week for several months.

As I have aged, one of the concerns is always “losing the mind” to inactivity and lack of challenges. So being with new people from a wide range of backgrounds and ages could really be invigorating. INDEED, it is!

It is these relationships and challenges of going out to “love on people in Jesus” with them that has been the most rewarding. Seeing first hand how to apply what we are learning and doing with new friends has been amazing.

So, ISSM has been challenging but the relationships that are forming from the school has made everything worthwhile. When my wife said that I should do ISSM, I knew that I had my confirmation. I have never regretted it. It has been a blast! Applying what we have learned in practical outreaches, seeing God move with power and love, has made it all wonderful. I have grown so much and learned how to RISK in the safety of Jesus. It is WONDERFUL! Lots of NEW FRIENDS, too.

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to grow in knowing Jesus and loving others through Him!

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