Three Experiments to Help You Hear God’s Voice

(This is the fifth in a seven-part series outlining the core values of ISSM as represented by the acronym: P.R.E.C.E.P.T.  ‘E’ stands for “Experiment.”)



  1. a test, trial, or tentative procedure; an act or operation for the purpose of discovering something unknown or of testing a principle, supposition, etc.

How do we relate to a God whom we cannot see?

First, it’s important to remember this: Every scripture is inspired by God and useful for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, 17 that the person dedicated to God may be capable and equipped for every good work. (2 Tim. 3:16-17 NET)

It’s also important to recognize that though all of the Bible is in God, not all of God is in the Bible.

Practically speaking, the Bible cannot tell us whether to move to Seattle…which of two job opportunities I should take…if I should become a missionary…etc. For these kinds of answers, we need to be able to hear God’s voice.

This needs both challenges and invites us to experimentation because God communicates with each of us in different ways.


Here are some “experiments” we use in our classes to connect students with God’s voice.

You’ll want to get into a quiet place and have a pen and paper nearby to record what you experience.

For the following experiments, be aware that whereas some people “see” Him with their mind’s eye, God communicates with most people via impressions of the mind. You may also “hear” something from an inner voice, or feel something.

Experiment #1

Close your eyes and picture Jesus somewhere in the room. What is He wearing?

You may “see” Him dressed in a robe and sandals, but don’t be surprised if He appears dressed in blue jeans or something quite unconventional. Often His sense of humor is portrayed in unexpectedly delightful ways!

Experiment #2

Close your eyes and picture Jesus again, close to you. He is going to do something. What is He doing?

Again, He may do something you might anticipate—like place His hand on your shoulder, or hug you. But He may surprise you by taking you on a trip body flying, or by washing our feet. Do not let your religious constraints limit the way He relates to you—He is endlessly creative!

Experiment #3

Close your eyes again and picture Jesus in front of you. He is going to say something—what is he saying?

In many cases, experiments like those listed above reveal to us that God has been speaking to us all along, we just weren’t aware we’ve been getting messages from Him.

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