Roatan Mission Trip: Miracle Monday

Mission Trip

For the past four years ISSM has joined mission teams that have traveled to the Caribbean island of Roatan—situated about 40 miles north of the Honduran mainland. A team of 15 of us just returned from a truly amazing week of ministry.

Before I tell you about “Miracle Monday,” here’s an overview of the variety of ministries/people we were honored to serve:

  • Ministry in three churches
  • Young men/community leaders
  • Share Jesus with about 50 students at public school
  • Food and prayer for widows and neighborhood families
  • Street ministry with live music and banner reading, “Oraciones Gratis” (Free Prayer); hospital ministry
  • Cookout on beach for young men battling addictions
  • Prayer/prophetic ministry to pastors and many others
  • Ministry to orphans

Miracle Monday

“Can your son run?”  “I don’t know–I’ve never asked him to.”

Monday we were scheduled to serve a church where our teams had previously ministered, led by Pastora Jennie. After traveling about 75 minutes by van we arrived in Pandytown. We had just filed into the sanctuary when we were told that a mother wanted us to pray for her 11-year-old son, Carlos.

Carlos could not walk without assistance; in fact, when he arrived at the site, his posture was bent over severely to one side. Also, he was unable to speak–a condition he’d had since birth.

Our team began to pray and after a few minutes, we asked Carlos to walk about 20 feet unassisted. He was able to do so several times without any help whatsoever! Her eyes wet with tears, mom was speechless—she would tell us later that she was so overwhelmed by what God had done she was simply without words.

Needless to say, our faith was high as we then prayed for Carlos to be able to speak. The first word from his lips? Jesus!  Next, our interpreter, Linda, had this exchange with our new friend:

Yo soy…

Yo soy… (I am)

…un hijo…

un hijo… (a child)

…de Dios.

de Dios. (of God)

Yo soy un hijo de Dios!

Yo soy un hijo de Dios!

Carlos laughed and we all rejoiced, thanking God for these amazing displays of His goodness and love. Next one of our team asked: Can he run? Carlos’ mom replied, “I don’t know–I’ve never asked him to!” We were told that whenever Carlos tried to run he would immediately fall down.

Buoyed by what we’d just seen, we took Carlos outside where he walked down difficult stairs unassisted (!) to a clearing in a wooded area behind the church. There to everyone’s wonder and awe Carlos ran back and forth with great joy and energy. Balance? No problem. Posture? No problem. Coordination? No problem!


And that was not the only Monday miracle! Stay tuned!

As you go, proclaim this message:

‘The kingdom of heaven has come near.’ Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give. Matt. 10:7-8


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